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SoundScape is a male a cappella quartet which sings primarily in the Barbershop style.  Formed in 2002, these members of the Barbershop Harmony Society have been singing together for over 12 years with a mission of creating high-quality four-part a cappella vocal harmony with an entertaining and competitive level performance.  

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     Russ was asked to join SoundScape in 2009 after original tenor, Steve Erlandson, decided to retire from the barbershop world.  Russ grew up in a long-time singing, playing, barbershopping family, where both his father and mother were active barbershoppers, and where his five brothers and sisters all sing and perform in various groups, at church, and with each other at family events.  Barbershopping just comes naturally to Russ, as does most everything in the world of art.  He currently teaches art and film at Century High School in Pocatello, and is an avid producer of comedic videos on YouTube.

Be sure to watch his "pizzatheface" videos!! 



     Gary was introduced to Barbershopping in 1984 by Gary Prince, a former member of the International Champion Pekin Chorus.  Having sung in classical, jazz, rock and country music groups for as long as he can remember, Gary was at first a bit lukewarm to barbershop singing - until he heard Bluegrass Student Union's "Jukebox Saturday Night" album, and it was all over -- "I want to do THAT!" 
     Gary joined the Pocatello Sharps and Flats in 1985 and was soon asked to direct the chorus.  He quickly joined with his first quartet, "Partners In Rhyme" singing tenor for the next seven years.  From 1994-1997, Gary sang lead with "Class Ring", a Rocky Mountain District finalist quartet.  He later sang lead with "Primary Colors" from 1998 - 2000.
     For over 17 years, Gary served as Director of the award winning Idaho Gateway Chorus in Pocatello, Idaho, retiring from the position in 2006.  He is employed as an Engineering Manager for Basic American Foods.   His wife, Janet, is an avid Sweet Adeline and an "awesome Bass!  Last year, Gary was selected as the new Director of the Idaho Falls A Cappella Chorus, the multiple award-winning Sweet Adelines chorus based in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  In the first year of Gary's directorship, the IFACC membershop has grown 40%!  In 2014, the chorus achieved 4th place overall at their Regional Competition in Colorado Springs placing above many choruses over twice their size. 

     Christopher came to his first barbershop meeting in late 1999 after hearing the Idaho Gateway Chorus singing at a local restaurant. Christopher began singing at a very early age and has performed with a variety of singing groups ranging from jazz, gospel, broadway, rock and classical styles. Originally from Denver, Colorado, he has sung and performed with such groups as the Singing Jets, Rocky Gil and the Bishops, and the 200-man Seattle Men's Chorus. Christopher has also studied classical voice and opera for many years and has performed with the Idaho Falls Opera Theater. 
     For the past 12 years, Christopher has become a true "barbershop junkie", and has become one of the most popular basses in the Rocky Mountain District. "SoundScape," is Christopher's second quartet. He sang with "Vocatella" from 2000 to 2001 with prior tenor Steve Erlandson, in which he experienced his first barbershop quartet competition. As Christopher would put it, "Having the only musical instrument created by God is a gift everyone can share." In addition to singing, Christopher works with a hazardous materials handling team at BNFL.


     Mike has been singing since he was a small child, and had a short stint in a Barbershop quartet way back in 1980. The director of his high school choir, Don Goddard, was active in barbershop and the men's section of his choir performed several SPEBSQSA arrangements. Mike joined with 3 other choir members to perform these arrangements as a quartet. Since then, Mike has sung with a traveling college singing group, church groups, and several rock 'n roll "garage bands". He became re-involved with barbershop when his latest rock band wound down and he was looking for something different. While at a local drive-in theater he heard familiar four-part harmony being played in the car next to him, and after talking to his temporary neighbor about the Idaho Gateway Chorus he joined immediately.
     He was invited to join "SoundScape" while attending the Rocky Mountain District competition with the chorus a year and a half later. Mike also served Director of the Idaho Gateway Chorus from 2006 through 2010Mike is employed as a maintenance technician at Virginia Transformer, and enjoys growing massive amounts of vegetables in his large garden, with his wife Judy and his son David, a fine barbershop bass! In 2010, Mike joined in with David for a father-son quartet experience and won the RMD Novice Quartet award at competition!